Nature does not believe in nor wait for “perfection.” All that is required is to show up and selflessly share your unique love to the world~ S.G.

Wishing you a joyful adventure as we transition into Spring

Good Fortune Friends…S.G.


thank you ANDREW HASSON/ALAMY for the delightful photograph

Greetings Friends~

The 2014 Year of the Wood Horse is upon us, how has it felt so far? I have been doing my research on  Horse Energy and have truly enjoyed learning more about this amazing creature as well as expanding my understanding of *Chinese Astrology. Below is my insight and how this energy may manifest itself to us.

*(Chinese Astrology assigns one of 12 different animals plus one of the 5 elements to you based on your birth year, month, and day making it highly accurate.  If you are new to Chinese Astrology and would like to know which Animal Sign and Element you are plus which Sign you are most compatible with  feel free to contact me and I would be happy to share yours with you. )

~2014 Wood Horse Energy~

I’m really excited because The Year of the Horse is going to be liberating. All the shedding that was done in 2013 may have left us raw, yet full of passion to move forward. Horse energy will magically carry us now, as long as we agree to stay on our path of growth and development. Let this energy come to you by being present and being authentic. Snake year shed our past grievances Horse energy knows this and asks that we allow presence now, allow healing now, don’t look back, and just be. Only then will you hear his whisper…”What are your dreams?”

Horse’s are extremely hard-working and the human race owes much gratitude for how energetically this amazing being has helped us, as well as brought us much pleasure and freedom. Like a Horse the energy that we are being influenced with presently will work hard out of service, even till death, but it is important to ask now…just because you can, does that mean you should? It’s not always about doing more but doing less and allowing vital Chi to accumulate.

This year’s Horse energy wants us to be gentle on ourselves and each other and desperately wants you to know that balance is key for good physical and emotional heath. Reining in our intuition by pushing ourselves or judging our worth based on your view of another is something we need to leave behind now in order to evolve into the coming years. Horse energy senses you are strong but longs to know how soft you can be, how kind, how much love are you willing to receive and share.

For those who exited 2013 with unfinished business, that’s ok but make your choice to either fully abandon or continue on before starting something new. Odds are it is valuable and pushing forward now will have big payoffs later. Let go of needing to control all circumstances and Horse energy will come alive for you. Become comfortable with not knowing all the details and enjoy the journey as Horse energy doesn’t need to struggle to succeed, this is human logic.

Illuminated, Horse energy scours out all darkness and shines a bright light for all to become apparent, will you choose to see? Secrets may surface and be exposed, there will be no hiding. This service is twofold, yin and yang…positively you may finally be recognized for all that you are and all that you do…proceed gracefully like the majestic horse,  arrogance now may bring misfortune, remember your root.  Negatively, you may finally be recognized for all that you are and all that you do…proceed humbly and remember it is never too late to change direction. Horse energy is fluid in nature and shifting now is easier than ever. That bright light will burn, release, and rise anew within you bringing clarity, wisdom, and a softening of the heart.

The world is also exposed, look for a surprisingly large amount of people showing us their life via video, television, computer, ect. You may also finally be getting a real look at friends, family members, politicians, and stars, as the lights come on you will be able to see them for who they really are. Use this time to fortify those you hold dear as some you will have a new sense of appreciation for. Be kind as people reveal themselves more to you, they may be a little further down the road than you but importantly…on the road. This illumination may also be beneficial for those looking to start new relationships as you will get exactly what you see.

Expect a lot of first’s this year such as record-setting, inventions, scientific and medical developments, new policies, new business, new family members, ect.  Yin and yang, meaning some firsts will be highly valuable others may be largely devastating especially  weather, violence, and our laboring planet.  You may be compelled to try something new this year, if so you are under the influence of Horse energy for sure and success is on your side.

In closing Horse energy is probably one of the most forgiving along with the Dog, so if you stumble this year you won’t have to look far to find Horse energy welcoming you back. The Wood Horse year wants you to be free but knows that we sometimes need experience to make adjustments for our personal growth and development. Perhaps Horse energy knows this because he has been with us quietly toiling for so long, watching, and waiting for you to let go of the reins; to become present as he longs to whisper…”What are your dreams? I can take you there.”


Wishing you good fortune in 2014~ S.G. ( Earth Rooster )


~ I would like to show gratitude to my friends Melissa and Shawna for allowing me to use pictures of they lovely friends Shady(black horse), Honey( red horse), and Zar(horse on the beach). These amazing ladies are long time lovers of  Horses and I know they carry much love in their hearts and an ancient respect for the equestrian lifestyle. Good Fortune to you ladies for being keepers of such majesty.

Black and white horse photo, source unknown.





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福禄寿 fú lù shòu


Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity (click to listen in Chinese)

This is my wish to you this Friday the 31st of January as I celebrate

2014 Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is just days away, people in China have been preparing for sometime. Originally Chinese New Year started out of the belief that a mythical creature called Nain(seen left here) would come on the first day of the year and destroy crops and harm livestock, possibly even villagers. For protection the ancient one’s would put out food for offerings in hope that Nian would eat the feast and be satisfied. Red was found auspicious to wear on this day and used to decorate as it was believed that this creature was once scared away by a child wearing red. Firecrackers were lit as well to keep the beast away.   With these yearly practices Nian would never visit villages again and was later captured by Hongjun Laozu  a Taoist monk.  Ancient one’s lived harmoniously close to nature therefore Chinese New Year falls on a different day each year, usually the second new moon after Winter Solstice. If you would like to partake in celebrating the Chinese New Year this Friday as so many do… here are some common practices to guide you along.





~Clean house: top to bottom or do the best you can but no cleaning on Friday as it is said that you will sweep away good fortune

~Gather fruit and offerings: Tradition is to use gold trays and fill with fresh fruit like oranges, tangerines and pineapple. Or you can put out whatever you love in your favorite dish or platter. Gold coins, american coins, or cash can be displayed for attracting wealth, incense, crystals whatever you desire and feel called to present makes it personal and full of abundant Chi

~Write out your New Year wishes: Use red paper, origami paper, or pretty stationary to express simply what is you are wanting to accomplish in the coming year like Peace, Health, or Prosperity. You can also say a prayer or simply meditate on what you are wanting to attract this year

~Place fresh flowers : Visit your local florist and select fresh flowers in the colors of  yellow and gold to represent gold coins, or choose your favorite arrangement  to enliven and uplift the Chi in your space

~ Light firecrackers: a Yang expression to cleanse out old stuck Chi, you can also ring a bell or blow a horn

~Serve Dried fruits and sweets: Traditionally 8 (lucky) varieties are served to enjoy and represent a sweet life ahead

~The Feast: Chinese New Year is celebrated with a large variety of food cooked on New Year’s Eve. Most auspicious is Dumplings(pot stickers) considered good luck as one lucky person eating them would find a gold coin hidden inside by the cook, long noodles to represent a long life, and fish (presented whole is best) for wealth. There is a variety of recipes available on the web, or you can do as I will this year and order from a Chinese restaurant…don’t forget the pot stickers


I value honoring the traditions of the ancient one’s. However like my practice of Feng Shui occasionally it has a more western flair as I believe our personal Chi is the most auspicious.  Pictured here is my offering last year for The Year of the Snake. We had just made our big move up North to a rental so I simply put together what sang to me. Some flowers from my local florist Petals & Vines, fresh fruit, and a beautiful smelling candle along with a heartfelt spoken mantra. Traditionally white is not used in Chinese New Year celebration but to me it was elegant and simple and in retrospect brought us good fortune as I now sit gratefully writing this in our new home just a year later.


Celebrating the Chinese New Year here in the West is an exciting and fun way to practice a little Feng Shui by setting your intentions for the year ahead. The ancient one’s wanted a thriving crop(wealth) and to live in peace. Placing  flowers(wealth) and  fruit(good health) with good intentions creates a sacred place  to focus in on what it is you are wanting this year. Essentially the same as Chinese New Year practices many, many years ago.



fú lù shòu

Will be spoken for you this Chinese New Year as we welcome in 2014

Good Fortune Awaits~ S.G.


Celebrating Chinese New Year?  I would love to see your pictures!

Send them in and I will post them on my blog next week as I bring you insight on 2014 The Year of the Wood Horse.


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* WANT MORE CHINESE NEW YEAR INSIGHT: Here are just some of the taboo NO NO’s for the Chinese New Year that are fun to read or share with friends…choose some, leave others *

No arguing with each other

On New Years Day women shouldn’t use a knife in the kitchen, which indicates evil, anger, danger and cutting out the luck. As a result, women don’t cook new dishes on this day, people eat meals from the leftover. (I like that…no cooking Friday for me hence the take out)

Breaking a dish, plate, bowel or cup means bad money luck coming. In case it does happens, then the tradition is too  put all broken pieces in a round container for the coming trash day

Sweeping the floor or dumping the trash will take away the wealth and luck from the house, do this on the Eve instead or after New Years

Don’t nap at noon, otherwise people may be lazy all year-long

Do not wash your hair on New Years Day or you will wash your good luck

Don’t wear black or white, because black and white are funeral color in China…red is lucky (this one is hard for me, my two favorite colors, I will wear a red blouse)

Don’t wake up people by calling their names, otherwise they will need to be pushed to get things done all year-long

Don’t eat unnecessary medicine, otherwise you will become unhealthy this year

Don’t do laundry (I’m liking  this are you?), because New Year’s Day is the birthday of  the god of Water

If someone owes you money, do not ask for the money back on New Years, otherwise you ask for money often the rest of the year

Don’t let people take anything away from your pocket or purse, because that’s a sign of money loss in the year (kids and spouses, stay out of the wallet and purses)





~Thank you wikipedia,,and for some of the pictures ~


Sharing my Chinese New Year photos with you friends~ We had a wonderful evening, my children received homemade red envelopes with gold coins inside. We all had 2 helpings of yummy food to symbolize a bountiful year ahead. We  visited, laughed,and read our fortune cookies to one another.  A fortune that stands out was ” You will take a chance in the near future, and win.” Perfect for the coming Year of the Horse.

Good Fortune awaits~ S.G.

Our feast~


Gratitude for Abundance~

Noodles,Dumplings, and Sweet Chicken for Longevity, Luck, & A Sweet Life



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Greetings Friends~

The end of the year is upon us…that’s right, the end of the year! If you’re not feeling all the media hype of starting something “new” just yet, you may dance to a more ancient drum.

Chinese wisdom claims that the New Year doesn’t start till January 31st 2014 and will bring the energy of the Wood Horse (more on that later, you can subscribe here to get my latest blog posts directly in your inbox) .

For now the energy we are still in is The Year of the Snake. Per my last post you may  recall it is The “learned” Water Snake we are being blessed with and this energy is in its last birthing pains of shedding its skin. In nature a snake sheds its old skin to relieve itself of parasites and as it does becomes slower and can even go off to hide.

If you can relate, could it be that you’re intuitive with a desire to shed a past that is no longer serving you? Before this month is over the Snake may be rearing its beautiful head to let you know you have not “learned” all your lessons this year. Snake energy is very sensitive to vibrations that surround us and will pick up on the littlest feeling you may have good or bad.

So what’s a soul to do if they are struggling?

~ Acknowledge and allow your feelings. Allow yourself to feel sad, love yourself as you are, cry, change, dismiss people who lower your Chi, rest or _____________.  Don’t let this year pass with just assuming you are too sensitive, selfish or crazy and sweep things under the rug. Feelings are our guidance system to our personal Chi, without them we would never expand and grow.

~Share your feelings with another who truly cares for you.  Talking to someone about how you are feeling is good therapy. What you are feeling is more than likely legitimate, a life lesson that wise Snake energy is so desperately wanting you to learn before she slithers away for another decade plus.

~Choose to Concur and Release it. This may be for some simply taking time for you to work things out in mediation, having a good me day,taking a self-help class, or even confronting someone.  For others it could be more serious and require some professional help. Seize the day and invest in YOU.

Before one can move forward into The Year of the Horse it will be important for good fortune to release all negative Chi. It is only when we greet our wants and desires with positive Chi that we can best obtain them. I never recommend placing a Feng Shui cure in a cluttered space, it simply will not take. Let’s not start the New Year with cluttered energy.

~My Year End mantra~

I embrace and allow the energy of The Year of the Snake which has taught me to release all negative chi that no longer serves me. Snake wisdom is my blessing so I can grow and expand into the beautiful unique being that I am open to becoming for the good of all.

Good Fortune awaits, S.G.



~ To find out if having a Feng Shui Consultation is right for you feel free to contact me for a free phone  session, I would love to visit with you and discuss your space.





thank you and for the pictures



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Hello Friends~

The end of the year is upon us and as promised by the Chinese year of  The “Learned” Water Snake it has been quite an education thus far. Have you found yourself enrolled in LIFE 101 as well? If so I would love to hear your story, email me!

My family and I are in the process of buying our home where we just relocated 11 months ago, or shall I say… in our second process. For months prior we had been trying to buy another house that we were certain we wanted more than life itself. I feverishly did all my affirmations, prayed, had my Feng Shui fine-tuned like never before, and felt it was in the bag.  In the end the whole deal fell apart and we were crushed; for a stretch I questioned everything I have known to be gospel.

After much reflection it was an eye opening experience, a “learned” experience, that I will hold onto, use and share. The journey I have taken this year has enlightened me deeper into my understanding about The Law of Attraction and Feng Shui. It’s opened my heart and soul to such a level of ease and understanding that was all part of a teaching I could not have gotten except through a few uncomfortable experiences and shedding away of old patterns. In just a few days we will be getting the keys to our beautiful new home and will commence upon the most sacred of holidays with such a perfection of timing that confirms to me the universe knew exactly what it was doing all along.

From my tender heart to yours with love and a new deeper wisdom,  I wish you good fortune and peace within your soul this holiday season~ S.G.


~Creating Peace & Harmony for your Holidays~

When I think of the Holidays two words come to mind, Simplicity & Connecting. If the two words that come to your mind are running and hiding then read on for some tips on “Creating Peace & Harmony for your Holiday.”

First choose to sew deep meaning into your holiday and instead of panicking focus on these 3 questions:

~What will I do (not buy) to make it meaningful to myself, my family, and friends?

~What is it that I want people to remember?

~What is the atmosphere I am wanting to create?

This is the time of year to CREATE sacred space for our family and friends to come together and can be accomplished by simply taking this approach.

Creating Simplicity:

Keep your Holiday Simple by keeping the food simple and with fewer choices

Don’t invite more guests than your space can hold, this makes people feel unimportant and creates a chaotic environment

Appropriately ask people for help with gatherings by dividing up the menu, shopping, party planning and decorating. People generally feel loved and needed when asked to do what they love to do, try not to do it all.

One of the aspects of Feng Shui is being grounded, to calm the nervous system and setting up an environment that is so. Your table and decor this holiday season should reflect this more than ever and by keeping things simple… less can be more. Connect with the season by bringing in that which nature has already provided like pine cones, abundant harvests, and greenery. Not only are these items easy on the budget but naturally sooth the spirit of your guest’s like a serene visit in nature.

When you want to invite something into your life you make space for it, do the same for friends and family and store things for the season so guest have room to move about while visiting. This creates an abundant flow of good Chi during your event.

Go with the flow , be open to a change, and don’t sweat the small stuff…what you and your guest  remember should be fun times not a big blow out. Sometimes the biggest upsets make the funniest memories.


Creating Connections:

Lastly get people to connect to each other rather than television or who got what. Below is a list of creative activities that will make your entertaining memorable.

Wine Tasting or Food Tasting (have everyone bring a dish or wine, or the same dish but made their way)

Set up a puzzle for people to work on together

Have the kids work on and present a skit for the adults, or vice versa

Make a gratitude wall for arriving guests by having them put on a pre-made card, index card, or post it note what they are grateful for and place it in a designated area

Ask at the dinner table for everyone to take turns telling what they are grateful for or a meaningful experience they had this year, favorite experience, or even what they are looking forward too

Have each guest bring a fresh flower (just one) to put in a vase representing the beautiful assortment of people we are and how lovely it is when we come together

If you’re having a large event use name tags to make socializing easier

Have a re-gifting tree by bringing an item you don’t want to be donated to a local charity in your family’s name

Have a group photo taken and make this your yearly tradition that you can display the following years




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~Creating Peace & Harmony for your Holidays~

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