About Me


Welcome, it is my intentions to provide information, insight, and opinion  to help nurture people searching for answers to living a fuller, richer, life in all aspects. We are all amazing powerful beings, with the ability to create our own environments, and it is my pleasure to explore Feng Shui with you.

My background is in the Housecleaning industry. When I started working I was employed by a major cleaning company in Southern California. I enjoyed the interaction with the vast variety of people and being in their homes. When I  relocated  I started my own company (Cinderella Housekeeping), it brought me the same satisfaction plus the added bonus of being a business owner. When I married and then had children the Housekeeping business tagged right along. During those 20 some years I met and became close to some of the most fascinating people I may not have met otherwise. Along with the social interaction I was privileged too, there came the intimate times I spent in people’s homes. They always say “the Housekeeper knows everything!” In my case it was not what I “knew” but what I intuitively felt and seen. Being “in the trenches” so to say provided me with a valuable insight of human nature and how it’s connected with our environments. Those times were an irreplaceable privilege that I will always treasure. It was in the last months of my business that I started seriously being drawn to Feng Shui.  I had been using it personally but  professionally I couldn’t help notice the intense reality of how Feng Shui was truly manifesting right before my eyes. A few of my closest clients were using Feng Shui tips I’d shared with amazing results, which drew me closer and closer to what I now know was my destiny.


Sandie Gates currently resides in Dallas, OR.  She is a Certified  Feng Shui Consultant from The West Coast Academy of Feng Shui and Certified Space Clearing Practitioner from WSFS.  Sandie devotes her time to Western Feng Shui, Healing through clearing clutter, and the ongoing study of the I CHING.

Sandie is a happily married Mother of two. She enjoys spending her free time with Family including her Pug-zu dog “Benjamin AKA Baby”. Sandie also enjoy’s creating art, gardening, writing, meeting new friends, cultivating her Qi with Qi Gong, feeding Oregon’s wild birds, and being in the ever inspiring outdoors.