Personal Organizing

Personal Organizing differs from Professional Organizing. A Professional may be experienced in dealing with natures such as hoarding, ADHD, and other serious emotional dysfunctions. A Personal Organizer is not trained in working with such disorders. If you think you or someone you are seeking guidance for  is experiencing such issues please seek someone specially trained in helping with your sensitive needs.


That being said,

Have you had a Feng Shui Consultation that left you with obstacles you need help sorting through, or are you  new to my site and seeking  help dealing with clutter in your space?  Having a helper there with you to keep things rolling along may be the difference between getting things accomplished or not. Sorting through years of collecting or dealing with generations of  accumulation can be overwhelming due to feelings that resonate with your stuff.  Scheduling time with a helper can be done at your convenience, two hours, three, whatever you feel comfortable with.

I have spent years in the cleaning industry and have witnessed that revisiting areas and making positive choices, can be key towards well-being. The items in your home no longer define you if you don’t like what you see and want something else now. The important focus is releasing guilt and shame associated with clutter. Simplifying and opening up space in your home or business makes room for new opportunities and energy to come to you. Your decisions can then shift about what you now want to bring into your life and that provides a change to sustain a harmonious environment.

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