What to expect during a Feng Shui Consutation?



Are you interested in having a Feng Shui Consultation for your home or business? As people and spaces differ so can a consultation but in general here is a  rundown of what you can expect.

  • ~A brief discussion of the basics of Feng Shui and how it can work for you

~A  personal questionnaire for you to keep that may help us discover areas you want to enhance

~An analysis of the layout of your home or business using the Bagua Map (a “road map” to specific energies in your space) and how it may relate to  current issues, lifestyle, and intentions.

~A tour of your space revealing  possible suggestions about placement of your things for optimal results

A typical visit may take 2-3 hours. The variance depends on the types of issues we are presented rather than the square footage of your space. You will be provided with Feng Shui handouts and on the spot placements and/or furniture rearranging if you wish. Having a Feng Shui consultation is a casual confidential process and I like to go with the flow of the appointment,  letting it evolve naturally for a unique personal experience.

You can schedule a follow-up phone consultation at no extra charge.  Progress or questions that may have surfaced can be discussed at this time.


Preferably a hand drawn or drafted birds-eye sketch of the layout of your entire home or building (this includes attached garages, decks, and bay windows). Hand drawn layouts can simply be on a 8×11 sheet of paper.

If time constrictions or preference to opt out of a completed layout is the case then a Feng Shui Consult is still possible and efficient. Feel free to contact me concerning details if you like.

You might like to have a notebook handy for taking notes about suggestions while touring the space.

~Contact me above for any questions or to schedule an appointment