Feng Shui – What is it?


“Feng Shui is the balance of natural energies to create a more beneficial environment.”……HUH?!

Ok lets start more at the beginning, Feng Shui (Fung Shway)translated means “Wind and Water”. Feng Shui was originally developed by intense study of the lay of the land. Ancients used this study to place temples and homesteads in the most auspicious locations. These “lucky” locations were generally places where plant and animal life was thriving and abundant. Environments may have been protected by mountains with only a light wind and the water was a fresh pool or slow steady stream, can you just picture such a beautiful place?

Today us Westerners have caught on to the application of this intuitive knowledge, but in our modern world few of us get the privilege of building our homes in our place of choice.

As we have adapted and evolved so has Feng Shui and Western Feng Shui is designed to honor your personal flair and help support your intentions in a place where you spend most of your time. Western Feng Shui conceives that “Wind/Feng” represents our inner emotions or feelings and “Water/Shui” represents our physical world or whats happening around us in our enviroments…the unseen and the seen.

We literally create our spaces with these two elements and togather they represent the flow of Chi or energy throughout our environment, or the lack there of.

  • Feng Shui is arranging our environments (homes,offices, and landscapes) so they are working towards our  goals and intentions, creating good Chi or an energy alignment  to support and uplift you, usually using items you already have.
  • Feng Shui is about balancing the elements that surround you, although the look and comfort of our surroundings has far advanced over the years, elements in them still remain. Having a Feng Shui Consultation reveals elements that exist in your space now, and teaches you how to balance them in specific life energy sections of your space.
  • Feng Shui is about keeping our Yin and Yang balanced. There is Yin and Yang everywhere, Yin being soft and dark , Yang being hard or bright.

The key to living  a more harmonious life  is making our homes and places of business safe and full of positive environmental affirmations. It is that ahh feeling we get on a vacation that we are striving for in Feng Shui.

Do you sense that “ahh” feeling when you walk through your door?

Feng Shui is a valuable tool to help guide us to a more abundant life. It can unblock stuck energy,  be that boost we need to get projects moving, houses sold, romances kindled, or ______________ (you fill in the blank). 

If you have questions about Feng Shui or wondering if having a Feng Shui Consultation is right for you feel free to contact me  for a no obligation phone session.